Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vessel Safety Check - US Power Squadron

To minimize the loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and environmental impact while maximizing the safe use and enjoyment of U.S. waterways by recreational boaters.

The Vessel Safety Check is a voluntary process - one of “prevention through education, outreach, and volunteer compliance” helping recreational boaters to gain a respect for the boating environment.

Many boaters are unaware of the proper safety equipment required for their boats. This FREE service is a great way to ensure the safety of your family and proper maintenance of your boat.

When completed you will receive a passing decal for your boat. Additionally, this decal shows a willingness to do what is right and it might just give you the benefit of any doubt should you be stopped on the water by law enforcement.

To see what a Vessel Safety Check would look like, see the video below:

For more information on this program please contact:

Michael Lebeduik III, US Power Squadron - Delhigh
610-691-3348 - Home
610-730-2798 - Mobile

Link to US Power Squadron, VSC page:

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