Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm getting ready to go boating!

Well, it's Thursday night and all I can think of is getting out on the boat this Sunday with my family. Is that a bad thing? ;) With the rain we've had recently, and family commitments, this will be the latest start (in the season) to boating I've ever had. Typically I start sometime in April. So I'm a little depressed about such a late start, but excited to finally get going! I've got a few more things to do on the boat, namely shining it up, but I think we should be ready to go for this Sunday. We're planning on heading to Beltzville Lake as it's close and will be a good shakedown run to start the season.

I'm getting ready, are you? If you're reading this and you live in Florida, please don't rub it in my face that you boat year round! :)

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