Saturday, May 2, 2009

Anchoring - A US Power Squadron Seminar

Ever had this happen to you?

You are spending a comfortable time on your boat, anchored in Martin's Cove on Lake Wallenpaupack, only to discover that you are drifting ever more close to other boats or the shoreline. "Eeeeks...!", you exclaim - or maybe you would use more explicit language depending upon the situation. Either way, it has quickly become evident that your anchor has failed to hold the boat. A frantic state of emergency quickly ensues.

Securely anchoring your boat requires a little more effort than just throwing a short piece of rope over the side of the boat with any 'ol anchor attached to the end.

There are different anchors needed for different seabeds and there is a formula to determine the proper rope length depending upon water depth and sea conditions.

This seminar covers selection of anchor, rode, and components; anchor selection for sea conditions and bottom characteristics; deployment and recovery of anchors. It also includes tables for sizing an anchor and components, and information for determining loads under various conditions. The kit includes the Anchoring Quick Guide and Student Notes with copies of the slides.

Join us on Tuesday, July 14th from 7-9PM for this VERY useful and informative seminar that everyone should take! Call us at 610-433-1606 to reserve your seat. Or send me an email at

Instruction is FREE - Material is $21.

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