Friday, February 22, 2008

Where do people boat in Allentown, PA?

So often we hear this question asked. To many it is a surprise that we have been here in Allentown since 1936 - Over 72 Years! But where's the blue-green water and snow white beaches? Well, for that experience you may have to go elsewhere. However, this area is great for many different boating experiences. For instance, pack a picnic lunch and tow your boat to Belzville State Park Lake one weekend and follow it up with a road trip (boat in tow of course) to the Delaware River for sightseeing around Philadelphia on the next weekend. Or maybe another daytrip could be to New York Harbor and get a perspective of Manhattan that you have never had before. Others may find the northern Chesapeake Bay with all its wonders the preferred destination. Lake Wallenpaupack, Northeast Pennsylvania’s largest lake, has over 52 miles of shoreline to explore. Blue Marsh lake near Reading, PA is another excellent choice for skiing, tubing, or beach the boat on shore and have a picnic lunch – lakeside of course. The point is this - you can do so much in so many different places with a boat. And this area has lots to offer all within a short hour and half drive from Allentown. Day trips with smaller boats are fun, easy, and relatively inexpensive.

If the idea of trailering does not appeal to you, don’t feel left out of the fun. Make the boat your destination for an extended stay on the water. There are plenty of places to keep your boat in the water within a short drive. You could have your very own water front condo in a boat. Many in this area keep their boats at the Jersey Shore, on the Chesapeake Bay, Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania, and there are even some, like myself, that keep their boats in beautiful places like the Finger Lakes of New York. Imagine yourself being gently rocked to sleep at night and waking the next morning to a hot cup of coffee in hand with the view of a beautiful sunrise over the water. Wow, how about that?

So what destinations lay ahead today? Use your imagination. The choices are yours. And this is the perfect place to explore them all – IN A BOAT.

Ted Shelson
Sales Manager
Peters Marine Service, Inc.

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