Friday, July 23, 2010

Naming Your Boat

So, you got yourself a new boat and have finally decided on a name for her. Great! But, should you just plop that name on the transom and call it a day? What about simply bringing aboard items that have the boat’s name on them? Well, unless you want to anger the Gods of the Sea and Winds, you might be best advised to read on, Captain!

Since the beginning of time, mariners have known that to properly name a boat you must follow the rules of the sea. If one doesn’t abide, Legend has it that he’d surely be struck with nothing but bad luck aboard the ship. Most importantly, this means registering your boat’s name in Poseidon’s (or Neptune’s) Ledger of the Deep. Once registered in the Ledger, you are free to sail (or motor) with fair winds and passage.

This is all accomplished through the Naming Ceremony (or Renaming, if the boat currently has a name). Now there is an actual turn of phrase to follow, but the basic concept is that you are asking permission from Poseidon to name your boat (or remove an old name). While the process to follow is strict, part of this process does involve a good bottle of Champagne (don’t skimp here!). Some of the liquid spirit is offered to the Gods by pouring it into the sea, but any that is left over is fair game for you and any friends that you may invite to the ceremony.

After the ceremony is completed, you may safely bring aboard any items that bear your boat’s name. You may also now have your name put on the transom. If you had to put the name on beforehand, at least keep it sufficiently covered until after the ceremony.

Is this just superstitious flooey for the fool-hearted? I don’t have the answer. However, I can tell you that my boat currently does not have a name on it and it won’t be revealed until after a little imbibing of some not-so-cheap Champagne!

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