Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Field Testing a Torqeedo Powered 713 Gillgetter Pontoon on Beltzville Lake

Working for a land locked marine store in Allentown, Pennsylvania is not as glamorous as maybe working at a marina in beautiful South Florida. However, we do have our moments when we can get out on the water and have a little fun. Here is an example of one of those times.

It was a beautiful pre-spring day on March 18th with the air temperature hitting close to 70 degrees. Bobby and I decided to take a new electrically equipped 2010 Gillgetter 713 Fish n Cruise Pontoon for a test run at Beltzville Lake in the Pocono Mountains. We arrived early. Without a hint of a breeze the lake was like a sheet of glass.

The lake water was very high and the docks were not yet put in so we had to get a little creative putting the boat in the water. Although the air was warm I knew that the lake still had ice the previous week. Getting my feet wet was not an option. As we discovered launching this boat was so very easy - easier than I could have imagined. And we didn't get wet either.

As we backed away from the ramp we received a few odd stares from the few fisherman who were hanging around the ramp area. I am sure I could read their minds, "I see that boat moving, but I don't hear anything. What is that?"

Our boat is powered with a Torqueed 4.0R Cruise 48volt Electric Outboard. This motor is super efficient and produces the equivilant power of a 9.9hp gas engine! Perfect for small boats like ours or for use on power restricted lakes. The motor produces a distinctive hum but it was nevertheless quiet and we could hold a conversation easily while at full throttle.

We tooled around for about 3 hours that morning putting this boat and motor combo through it's paces and here is what we discovered:

1) Very easy to launch and load
2) Handles effortlessly and turns easily - Anyone can operate this boat like a pro.
3) We only used 13% of the available battery life so a full days use is a reality.
4) Super stable ride.
5) It was a heck of a lot of FUN!

Bobby and I had a blast that day testing this and another boat the Infinyte i3 Utility Boat.

Yes, it is true that a marine store in Allentown, PA is not the same as one in a more exotic location. But I can say that we probably enjoy the times we do get to go out far better.

Check out our experience for yourself!

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