Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Compact Pontoons at Peters Marine Service!

Check out our new line of 13'-20' Gillgetter and Qwest Compact Pontoon Boats by Apex Marine. Some models are now in stock and available to be seen! Call us today at 610-433-1606 for details.

Why Consider A Compact Pontoon?
While there are many reasons to consider a COMPACT pontoon boat from Apex Marine, there are particular situations where they truly shine:

1. Electric Only Lakes: Compact pontoon boats are ideally suited for lakes that only allow electric propulsion. Electric outboards are limited in horsepower and will perform better on the smaller size and weight of a compact pontoon.

2. First Time Buyers & Small Families: Compact pontoons are a safe and affordable way to get into boating. Easy to manage and maintain. They are perfectly sized for small groups or families.

3. Lakes with Horsepower Restrictions: Because of their smaller size and weight, compact pontoons perform better with less horsepower than larger boats.

4. Easier to Handle: It’s easy to become intimidated or aggravated with larger boats that can be hard to dock or put on a trailer, especially in windy conditions. A smaller pontoon is more nimble, lighter and easier to maneuver. In particular, this can be a benefit to inexperienced boaters.

5. In Lieu of Aluminum V-Bottoms: A compact pontoon boat can be just as versatile and affordable as an aluminum v-bottom boat, but much more comfortable to be on. In addition, a pontoon’s flat deck allows you to get up and move around, has more room for coolers and gear, and sits higher making it easier to get in and out from a dock.

6. Easy to Trailer: A compact pontoon is the perfect take-along boat. Its narrow width and light weight makes them easy to trailer. Many models can be pulled with mini vans and small SUV’s. They also work perfectly for pulling with motor homes. Anyone who has ever trailered a full size pontoon boat will certainly appreciate this feature.

7. Fits in Garage: A compact pontoon boat can be stored where other larger pontoons cannot. Many garage doors are too small for full size pontoons.

8. Rescue Boat/Law Enforcement /Parks Department: A small pontoon offers a completely stable and open platform for people and gear. Its smaller profile is perfect for accessing small, hard to reach areas, and makes it easy to transport, load and unload quickly. We offer custom layouts for a variety of applications including a center console style.

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