Friday, July 31, 2009

Grillin' on a boat!

Check out my wife… ummm… let me re-phrase that. Check out what my wife is doing. There, that sounds better. About 10 years ago, when I first started working at Peters Marine, we bought a Magma (all stainless steel) grill and installed it on our Sea Ray 180BR. Since then we’ve gone through owning a few more boats, but the grill has been along for the ride the whole time.

We just keep transferring the grill from boat to boat to boat… you get the idea. 10 years old and it still works flawlessly.

I must say that grilling on a boat is wonderful. I know the food is the same as at home, but for some reason it always tastes better on a boat. In these pictures, we were over-nighting on Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos. We had found a nice cove, set the hook and settled in for an enjoyable night with the kids. We were still close to home, but being on the water made us feel like were on a little “mini-vacation”.

The grill took all of about 2 minutes to set-up and in no time the aromas wafting about the boat were almost intoxicating. We had prepared the food at home to make it a little easier on the boat. You can see the kabobs, but what you can’t see too well are the foil packets.

To make things easy we put some chicken breasts on a large piece of foil, then we loaded it up with seasoning (personally I like using Italian salad dressing) and veggies. Next, we just folded up the foil making a nice little packet. A tip: keep the “fold” on top so when you place it on the grill, nothing leaks out. When you cook the chicken inside a packet like this, you don’t have to flip it. It cooks great – nice and juicy! And you know what? I left the grill attached so that the next morning we could make coffee on the grill!

If you’ve never grilled on a boat, I highly suggest you try it!

Interested in doing some grillin' on your boat? We have these in stock. They sell for $219 in the store, but mention this blog and it's yours for only $199! We can even ship them to you. There are numerous mounts available. Call us @ 610-433-1606.
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Pete said...

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Happy Boating,