Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keep on boatin', mates!

Don't put that boat away, yet! Just because the kids are back in
school, doesn't mean your boating fun has to end. Personally, I
don't even consider winterizing my boat until sometime in November.
Occasionally it's even been as late as December. There are a lot of
nice days left and the water stays warm for quite a while still.
Whether it's a short day-trip with the family, an overnight trip, or
even a just getting out for an hour or two of skiing, there's still
plenty of good boating times to be had. In fact, boating later in
the season can make for a really nice day since the lakes are not as
crowded. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't go boating - leave
that nice, uncrowded lake for me! ;)

How late into the season do you typically go boating? Take a minute
and leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

This is so true. You are right Dennis boating late in the season is a great time to go. Even though the air temp has cooled the water temp is still warm. No crowds equal some great smooth water for wakeboarding, skiing, and kneeboarding. Thank you for the reminder….

Anonymous said...

My family loves picnicing on the boat in the fall when the leaves change color and the sky is deep blue. You just can't beat it.