Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is Winter over???

You know, although I'm an avid boater, I really do like the winter months. I enjoy the scenery of fresh fallen snow, a warm fire with a good glass of wine and I also love to hit the slopes. Usually, at this time of year I'm hoping for one more good snow. If any of you are snow skiers, you know there's nothing like first tracks and fresh powder! However, in our area, let's just say that skiing has been 'less than stellar' this year and leave it at that. But instead of getting down over missing out on the snow skiing this year, I've found myself wishing for an early Spring so I can get a head start on some boating!

The days are starting to get longer, the sun is feeling nice and warm on my skin and it looks like the temperatures are on the rise. I'm so tempted to take a boat to the lake the first time we get a sunny, 55-degree day! It's funny... 55-degrees in the Fall is chilly, but 55-degrees in late Winter/early Spring is a beautiful day! I guess it's all relative.

Anyways, what do any of you think? Are you ready to go boating? Feel free to leave some comments on your thoughts!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bring on the spring. It has been too long of a winter (but I agree it has been a mild one)